SPA treatments

Relaxing ritual with royal bamboo

The program of ritual use massage with four different size bamboo sticks. Before ritual we offer all body scrub.
It is very relaxing, anti-stresses, modeling and soothing.

Firming ritual with coconut cups

It is kind of Polynesian technic of massage. It is combining manual techniques made with hands and forearms in combination with the gentle structure of the coconut bowl.
The treatment is preceded by the exfoliation of the whole body.
It is restoring the harmony and the balance,  stretching and toning the skin up.

Drainage body massage
with bamboo sticks

Manual massage with four different size bamboo sticks. A content of the excess is reducing waters inside the tissue, drainage and eliminating toxins are prompting, is reducing the imperfections caused by the cellulite.

California chocolate massage

Aromatic, manual massage with use chocolate lotion. By increasing the level of endorphins in the brain, chocolate improves the mood, strengthens the psyche.

Massage with
chocolate treatment

Aromatic and relaxing treatment, compound of body scrub, hot chocolate massage or chocolate anti-cellulite oil.
Treatment stimulate the secretion of endorphins, is antidepressant, relaxing, feeding and moisturising the skin.

Anticellulite massage
with Chinese cup

The massage is a physical treatment combining the ancient Chinese medicine with the experience of modern medical knowledge. The vacuum created in the cup in a mechanical way irritates the skin's receptors, nerve endings and blood vessels. The result is a clear improvement in skin quality, greatly reduced or in some cases eliminated cellulite and reduced circumference of the part of the body which was subjected to treatment. Massage is performed in places where fat and cellulite accumulate.