SPA & Resort Duszniki Zdrój

The Duszniki Zdrój health resort in summer '2017
The Duszniki-Zdrój health resort is situated on an old commercial route running from Prague, in the Czech Republic, to Wrocław. Duszniki lies in a narrow valley of Bystrzyca Dusznicka, surrounded by the Bystrzyckie Mountains on one side and the Orlickie Mountains on the other. Duszniki Zdrój is a very attractive place for amateurs of active recreation, hiking and winter sports.
In addition to its undisputable spa values, Duszniki-Zdrój is also attractive for tourists. Architectural attractions include the Market Square, the historical paper mill from 1605 housing the Museum of Papermaking and sacred monuments ( St Peter and St Paul’s Church).
Mineral waters are treasure of Duszniki-Zdrój. There are  carbonic acid mineral waters.
The natural sparkling waters of Duszniki are used in treatment of a variety of illnesses, including cardiac problems, gastrical problem and respiratory system problem.

The Duszniki Zdrój health resort in winter '2017

Medical offer

The Duszniki Spa specializes in the treatment of pulmonological diseases, gastrology, gynecology, and musculoskeletal diseases. Diagnostics and treatment of osteoporosis are performed as well.
The Duszniki Zdrój health resort offers a full range of therapeutic services, i.e. natural treatments, specialised tests, analytic and diagnostic tests, water drinking therapy and dietary treatment. The basic types of treatments are: natural mineral baths and conifer needle baths, peloid compresses, hydrotherapy, saline inhalations, electrotherapy and heliotherapy, therapeutic massages, and therapeutic exercises. Care is provided by doctors and nurses working round-the-clock shifts. Natural treatments are prescribed by the attending physician and they are delivered by professional staff.


Stay offer

In the heart of Spa Park there is Sanatorium „Jan Kazimierz” with comfortable rooms, treatments center and recreation complex “Słoneczne Termy Jan Kazimierz”. It is only such complex in the resort. An outstanding recreational pool, a sauna, a steam room, and places favoring relaxation in the sun provide the perfect leisure opportunity for guests.
Guests of sanatorium can use also therapeutic programs in our SPA Salt-Iodine Cave.