Our history

Tradition and modernity

Before 1974 Kudowa-Zdrój, Polanica-Zdrój and Duszniki-Zdrój functioned as separate state spas. On 1 January 1974 they were combined into Zespół Uzdrowisk Kłodzkich (Kłodzko Spa Complex), only to be commercialized and transformed into a joint stock company in 1999. It was the most thriving development of three spas. From February 2013 Zespół Uzdrowisko Kłodzkich S.A. renamed to Kłodzkich Health Resorts – Group PGU.
We have a well-equipped treatment and hotel base considerably adapted to the needs of the disabled, modernized natural treatment facilities with modern therapy installations and diagnostic labs, leisure and rehabilitation pools, biological regeneration studios offering over 60 natural treatments, and first and foremost – specialized medical personnel. There are also 3 mineral water bottling plants comprising: modern bottling lines, modernized manufacturing facilities, modern logistics centers and a well-developed distribution network. Our sanatoriums can serve as examples of treatment quality and patients satisfaction.