SPA & Resort Polanica Zdrój

Polanica Zdrój - summer '2017

Polanica Zdrój is a health resort with a population of 7,500 situated 380-410 a.s.l. The Sudety Mountains that surround it are not too high, yet they enchant with their beauty, picturesque views and purity, untainted by big industry. The spa is situated in a glamorous valley of the Bystrzyca Dusznicka river.

Polanica Zdrój - winter '2017

Medical offer

Spa Polanica Zdrój specializes in curing digestive system, hypertension and cardiological illnesses, peripheral vascular disease, as well as illnesses of the motor organs, rheumatological illnesses and those of upper respiratory tract. At the Treatment Center, located in the sanatorium Wielka Pieniawa we offer more than 100 different healing and recreational treatments such as mineral baths, cowberry baths, dry CO2 baths, salt brine baths as well as algae-based mineral treatments.
A source of underground healing water "Wielka Pieniawa" is located in the Pump Room, which is used not only for drinking but also applied to mineral baths and production of bottled water.



Stay offer

Uzdrowiska Klodzkie SA-Grupa PGU in Polanica Zdroj offer nearly 600 places for guests at sanatorium centers, amongst them Wielka Pieniawa deserves special attention. The sanatorium is more than 100 years old and synonymous with luxury and elegance. Located in the center Spa Park sanatorium invites its guests into luxurious rooms and elegant luxury apartments as well as spacious, elegant dining areas and into a modern treatment complex. This architecturally exceptional building has a modern recreational center called "Sloneczne Termy Wielka Pieniawa" which includes two swimming pools, fitness center and the zone of saunas called "Climates of the World". Guests can spend some free time in our cozy cafe "Green Terraces" or using a variety of other offers at Spa & Wellness.


Enthusiasts of luxurious

but cozy interiors are cordially invited to visit our other little sanatorium called "Mala Pieniawa" which offers comfortable air-conditioned rooms and fully equipped luxury suites.

There is additional advantage for our guests who can use their own private Finnish sauna and close distance to “Wielka Pieniawa” is giving them also an access to use the additional treatments at center Spa & Wellness.